K. Constantine - Author - Worthy of Time (A Union Worlds Novel)

The Sequel to Worthy of Time

As of this writing, I’ve been busy getting my first book, Worthy of Time, in the hands of many eager readers.

It’s not a best seller by any stretch of the imagination (well, not yet anyway – but it may happen), but the feedback so far has been great and I’m glad readers are getting something worthwhile out of the time they spend reading this book.

What about a sequel?
That’s a good question. The story told in Worthy of Time is part of a long, complex story arc that does, indeed, require multiple novels to fully explore and realize. I wouldn’t be doing justice to the story, the characters and of course my readers if the story ended here. That’s not to say that Worthy of Time is not a self-contained novel – it very much is self contained…but is the gateway to something much deeper.

Sequel Timelines
In an idealized environment, I could work on the sequel day and night, every single day and have the next book wrapped up in a month or so. The reality is a bit different…so I don’t have a concrete release date yet, but I do think it’s fair to say that the sequel to Worthy of Time should be available within a couple of months (definitely before the end of 2019).

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Thanks so much!